Podcast | Storied SF

After my appearance on Bitch Talk Podcast last year, one of the cohosts, Erin, recommended me for Storied SF, which is a podcast that features an array of San Franciscans from all walks of life. Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting the host, Jeff, to share my story of growing up in the... Continue Reading →


Podcast | Hip Hop Bruha x Always Be My Maybe

When the legendary Kuttin Kandi calls, you answer! Anyone who rocks with Kandi knows her as the People's Scholar, and knows that she'll be serving up the critical conversation that we need to hear. DJ Kuttin Kandi is one of the podcast hosts for Hip Hop Bruha, which is an online think platform and podcast... Continue Reading →

Dreams Rule Everything Around Me

For my upcoming feature in Storied SF as a guest, I was also photographed by an incredible film photographer. The photographer asked me to pick a location, preferably a place to which I felt attached. Since the podcast's focus is on San Francisco and my interview introduced some of my work in hip hop, I... Continue Reading →

Queen Latifah on Hip Hop industry, sexism, racism

In this March 2019 Interview with Yahoo! show, "Through Her Eyes," the host, Zaibad Salbi, basically had my DREAM interview with Queen Latifah. Salbi came ready with great questions, and clearly did the right research to keep up with the Queen. They tackle sexism, industry, misogyny, complicity, the #MeToo movement, mental health advocacy, and touched... Continue Reading →

Always Be My Maybe.. My City

My favorite hip hop rom-com has always been Brown Sugar (2002), even with the cheesy story line that paralleled falling in love with hip hop, with falling for your first love. I will always have a place for Brown Sugar, but I think Always Be My Maybe (2019) just usurped Syd and Dre. While the storyline of Always... Continue Reading →

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