Bitch Talk Podcast

I had the pleasure of appearing as a guest on Bitch Talk Podcast, where I joined the super fly team of ladies in a radio studio on Broadway in San Francisco. After rescheduling a few times, I was so excited to finally meet the hosts, Erin and Angela, and their soundmaster Char. We talked about... Continue Reading →


Barangay: Notes on Appreciation

Recently, a friend posted a great feel-good read on the boundaries of cultural appropriation vs. appreciation: NPR's "When Is It OK to Wear the Clothing of Another Culture?" I'm still learning how to navigate these conversations for myself within the realm of Hip Hop, as the term "appropriation" has been loosely thrown around in different... Continue Reading →

Asian American Music Conference 2018

November is around the corner and it brings us two full weekends of Asian American artistry and music in the Bay Area. Organized by an amazing team of Asian American womxn, the Asian American Music Conference brings together local artists and musicians and industry professionals, for a day of sharing knowledge and networking. AAMC has... Continue Reading →

Full Circles: Hip Hop & Home

I never doubted the privilege I possessed to have experienced an incredible journey of peer-to-peer education in college through PACE, and in 2010, as a young coordinator for this organization, I was blessed with a core of people who saw the love and value in creating a themed week of workshops around the topic of... Continue Reading →

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