SOUNDBITES 003: DJs & Turntablists

After assembling this week's line up, I realized that they are all Filipino American DJs; This is particularly significant because of the cultural impacts that Filipino Americans have had on Hip Hop, specifically through the realm of DJing and turntablism. From Filipino mobile DJs crews, from DJ QBert and DJ Neil Armstrong, to Vinroc, Apollo,... Continue Reading →


SOUNDBITES 002: Asian American Hip Hop Duos

This week, let's shift the lens onto Asian American Hip Hop duos. Originally I intended to focus on emcee-producer duos, but I figured loosening the criteria would allow me to add more than one type of duo: we have duos that are individual artists who work well together as emcee and producer; duo that was... Continue Reading →

Space to Place Podcast: Gentrification in SF

In October, I sat down with Cade Underwood from North Carolina, for his Space to Place podcast, which is a cross-country project and dialogue about places where people live, how they feel, and how they would reshape those places. For Cade's Bay Area stop of his tour, I invited him to the Bayanihan Community Center... Continue Reading →


ABOUT SOUNDBITES * * * LEON ZAI— Hailing from the United Kingdom and settling in the Bay Area, Leon Zai caught my attention not too long ago on Haight Street, as he performed a cover of Daniel Caesar and H.E.R's "The Best Part." After checking out his music, I've been nonstop bumping his mash-up of... Continue Reading →

SOUNDBITES & Submissions

I often get the question: "What are you listening to?" I always answer with noting that there is a ton of amazing music out there, and right in our own backyard, too. For Hip Hop x Asian America, even though I like to do deep dives into albums and artist catalogs, I don't think I... Continue Reading →

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