SOUNDBITES Hiatus & more Thank Yous

Prior to starting up SOUNDBITES, I was solely focused on essays and research projects. I’ll be going on hiatus from weekly SOUNDBITES posts to dedicate time towards finishing two essays that I started last year:

“These are the Breaks: SF BBoys VS. Displacement” – I started research on the intersection of gentrification in San Francisco and its impacts on physical dance spaces, with a particular community of Bay Area bboys and bgirls. Through 7 total interviews, we uncovered some gaps in political involvement, as well as some universal ideologies that they all possessed despite different socio-political backgrounds and beliefs. I have about 10 hours worth of audio, a bunch of books that did not make the cut as a reliable source, and am excited to finally put together this piece with the voices of the dancers at the front and center of this essay.

“We’ve Been Waiting for You: Ruby Ibarra & the Movement for Us” – This started as an event review of Ruby’s Circa 91 Tour stop in Oakland, and then she dropped her music video for “Us,” and then she really took flight with nonstop announcements and performances. I’ve just been adding onto the initial review, and has grown into a year-long review of her performances, her impact, and an overall incredible year for Ruby and Circa 91.

I’m so excited to share my research, as well as my thoughts and observations as a fan. In the meantime, I am still taking submissions for SOUNDBITES. Stay tuned!

* * *

Some folks have been curious.. Hip Hop x Asian America does not receive any funding (yet! Putting it in the universe). But I did track expenses for possible funding opportunities in the future. In addition to my own research and writing, I’ve had opportunities for speaking engagements, events, as well as features on other platforms.. and I learned that everything came with a cost. Between January 2018 and December 2018,

  • costs of transportation (90% night time Lyft rides, to and from shows)
  • audio equipment
  • other tech
  • and labor from friends and interns

totaled over $1000, which doesn’t include tickets and admission to shows. So I want to send another huge THANK YOU to all the folks who got me home safely, who went out of their way to meet up with me, who fed me, who lent their expertise and labor, who went to shows with me, who waived my admission, who shared space with me to do work..

And thank you especially to one of my best friends Kris Cruz, who not only accompanies me to some cafe when I need to write, not only makes sure my ass gets home safe, not only makes sure I eat during intense work sessions, but also lent a bunch of equipment to support my research.

It’s been an incredible year finding my footing in running my own project and building a platform, and I look forward to opening up for the possibility of grants and funding in the future. If you have suggestions or funding opportunities, please send them my way!


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