8-bit Strawberries in Little Tokyo

As a life-long resident of San Francisco, and a social service provider, we have had many difficult and heartbreaking conversations about the trajectory of housing, homelessness, and service gaps. One of the many things I love about Hip Hop is that it serves to send a message, and when Hip Hop artists honor that value on their platform to shed light on issues such as housing, it can be a great way to help the community.

As part of the #RepresentAsian campaign, Asian American artists and platforms of Uprising Brand, Traktivist, and rapper G Yamazawa collaborated on a “Fresh Produce” long sleeve featuring 8-bit strawberries, which pay homage to the Japanese immigrants who worked on strawberry farms to make a living. A percentage of the proceeds from this long sleeve will go back to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, to combat gentrification. To learn more about this collab, and to shop the Fresh Produce long sleeve, please visit: https://www.uprisingbrand.com/products/fresh-produce-exclusive-long-sleeve

Shop Uprising: Website | Instagram

Traktivist: Website | Instagram

G Yamazawa: Website | Instagram

Chillin in my bgirl stance. Stay tuned for my upcoming essay on San Francisco Bay Area BBoys and BGirls VS. Displacement.. continuing the conversation on Hip Hop and gentrification.


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