Podcast | Hip Hop Bruha x Always Be My Maybe

When the legendary Kuttin Kandi calls, you answer! Anyone who rocks with Kandi knows her as the People’s Scholar, and knows that she’ll be serving up the critical conversation that we need to hear.

DJ Kuttin Kandi is one of the podcast hosts for Hip Hop Bruha, which is an online think platform and podcast show that seeks to provide a critical analysis on everything from Hip Hop, Pop Culture to all things political through an intersectional feminism lens.


[From Kandi] Join DJ Kuttin Kandi for a special episode on the film, Always Be My Maybe, featuring community organizer, Trinh Le, Asian American and Hip Hop writer/blogger, Joy Ng and disabled activist and media maker, Alice Wong. This special episode intends to celebrate the poignant parts of the film and the impact it has on Asian Americans and across other communities of color. Together, we work through the tensions of calling-in one another to deepen and expand the work of inclusivity, visibility and representation with not just pop culture and entertainment but how we can dig in and examine ourselves, our organizing and our cultural organizing work. 

* * *

Through this recording, I met two amazing organizers and learned so much about disability activism and visibility. It was so wonderful to unpack how much we LOVE the film, which in a way, reflected how much we LOVE being Asian American. But it was also a time and place to address issues of comedy and disability, and what we can do to be even MORE inclusive when it comes to diversity.

Check out the episode on www.hiphopbruha.com  (Aired 06/29/2019).

* * *

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