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After my appearance on Bitch Talk Podcast last year, one of the cohosts, Erin, recommended me for Storied SF, which is a podcast that features an array of San Franciscans from all walks of life. Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting the host, Jeff, to share my story of growing up in the cit, and where my experience has led me in community work, as well as my research in Asian American Hip Hop.

In the first episode, I talk about different locations and places where I spent my youth and places where I had my political awakening— Asian American Studies and Manilatown. In the second episode, I give a brief look at my work in hip hop, the social justice lens, and the importance of cultural impacts, and using hip hop as a vehicle to discuss community needs and issues.

Visit and listen to Episode I

Visit and listen to Episode II

In addition to the recording, I was also invited for a photoshoot by the podcast photographer, Michelle Kilfeather. With twenty years of film photographer under her belt, I let her lead me; I’m quite stiff in front of a camera and hands-in-pockets was all I knew (LOL). My previous piece on the Dream walls closure was prompted by trying to catch a few photos of the burners for this photoshoot, however, we arrived only to discover that the walls were closed. Despite the closure, we utilized the walls around the area. See thoughts on the walls here.


Thank you so much to Jeff and Michelle for listening, and sharing my story with your listeners. I’m so very proud to be San Franciscan, and hope that my experience will resonate with fellow city kids.

* * *

Check out Storied SF and more photography by Michelle:

Storied SF: Instagram | Website
Michelle Kilfeather: Instagram

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