Joy Ng is a San Francisco born-and-raised Asian American community service worker, events organizer, and writer. Joy majored in Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University, where she developed her research on Hip Hop and Asian American resistance, identity, and impact. Drawing from the roots of radical 1960s Bay Area social movements, her research examines Hip Hop as a vehicle for social justice, in carved out spaces— from classrooms to rap shows. Joy’s goal is to contribute to the body of research and literature on the topic of Asian American Hip Hop, and shares her work online in the format of short essays. Her work was recently published in a San Francisco anthology of writers of color, titled Endangered Species, Enduring Values: An Anthology of San Francisco Area Writers of Color (2018).

About HIGH TIDES (on hiatus): a series of non-fiction short stories based on her mother’s experiences and memories as a working class Chinese American immigrant womxn in San Francisco, hailing from the small farming villages of Southern China. The name of the series, “High Tides,” derives from her mother’s name, Yue Ming, which roughly translates to ‘moonlight,’ or, a clear shining moon. “Tell my story. Let the world know I was here.”

All posts authored by Joy Ng. Please do not duplicate.

For speaking engagements, partnerships, events, write-ups and reviews, please send an email to joyng.sf@gmail.com

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