HH x AA playlist on Spotify

If you want to listen to what I listen to, here's a playlist of some of my favorite Asian American Hip Hop songs. With over 25 rappers, producers, DJs, and still counting! Including: Rudy Kalma, Ruby Ibarra, Rocky G, Junoflo, G Yamazawa, Rocky Rivera, DJ Flow, Lex the Lexicon Artist, Hopie Spitshard, Year of the... Continue Reading →


Hip Hop x Asian America: 2018 in Honest Review

When I started up this blog, I was terrified to share my opinion, because I deeply understood how insignificant my opinion could be, and how little weight it would hold, as an Asian American womxn writer in Hip Hop. In a recent video update for Hip Hop x Asian America, I shared my incredulous response... Continue Reading →

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