SOUNDBITES 005- More Than a ‘Femcee:’ Asian American Womxn in Rap

"Don't call me a femcee... My fate is more than the gender you assign to me" —Rocky Rivera Following last week's Girl Groups & Girl Power tribute and playlist, this week keeps focus on Asian American womxn artists. To start us off on the same page, please stop using the word "femcee;" we don't say... Continue Reading →



ABOUT SOUNDBITES * * * LEON ZAI— Hailing from the United Kingdom and settling in the Bay Area, Leon Zai caught my attention not too long ago on Haight Street, as he performed a cover of Daniel Caesar and H.E.R's "The Best Part." After checking out his music, I've been nonstop bumping his mash-up of... Continue Reading →


  I recently started rereading Amy Tan’s books, which are known to dive deep into complicated mother-daughter relationships while navigating themes of immigrant struggle, sacrifice, and inheritances of wisdom. I’m in the middle of The Joy Luck Club, remembering the film as an emotional bomb that destroyed my 11-year-old self, continuing to hit me in... Continue Reading →

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