SOUNDBITES 002: Asian American Hip Hop Duos

This week, let's shift the lens onto Asian American Hip Hop duos. Originally I intended to focus on emcee-producer duos, but I figured loosening the criteria would allow me to add more than one type of duo: we have duos that are individual artists who work well together as emcee and producer; duo that was... Continue Reading →


RSVP: Q&A with Ruby Ibarra at Apple

So thrilled to moderate a Q&A for my sis RUBY IBARRA this Saturday, July 7th, at Apple Union Square in downtown San Francisco, right before she performs a set from the amazing CIRCA 91 album. Join us! Saturday, July 7, 2018 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Apple Union Square 300 Post Street. San Francisco, CA... Continue Reading →

Making Waves: Asian American Rap in the Forefront

We are witnessing a moment in Asian America where rap and Hip Hop are making its way to the forefront, and the Bay Area alone has multitudes of artists and creators who bring Asian American voices to the stage. For APA Heritage Month this year, I had high anticipation for a packed weekend of Asian... Continue Reading →

Podcast Feature on

In late February, I was invited to be a guest on podcast, to share my writing, community work, and thoughts on my role on the Native Immigrant team. In the first half, we talk family, HIGH TIDES, my cultural and ethnic identity, student organizing at SF State, and community involvement. In the second half,... Continue Reading →

Friscopinos & the Native Immigrant

“Friscopino is never forgetting where you came from” —Tony Robles Seated across Ro3lay in a humid conference room at the Bayanihan Community Center, I quickly cut to the chase, pressing my old friend for an answer from the heart: But WHY did you make Native Immigrant? What makes this different from your last projects? Ro3lay... Continue Reading →

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