SOUNDBITES 005- More Than a ‘Femcee:’ Asian American Womxn in Rap

"Don't call me a femcee... My fate is more than the gender you assign to me" —Rocky Rivera Following last week's Girl Groups & Girl Power tribute and playlist, this week keeps focus on Asian American womxn artists. To start us off on the same page, please stop using the word "femcee;" we don't say... Continue Reading →


SOUNDBITES 002: Asian American Hip Hop Duos

This week, let's shift the lens onto Asian American Hip Hop duos. Originally I intended to focus on emcee-producer duos, but I figured loosening the criteria would allow me to add more than one type of duo: we have duos that are individual artists who work well together as emcee and producer; duo that was... Continue Reading →

Q&A with Ruby Ibarra at Apple Union Square

Although different from the usual night-time performances, the mighty Ruby Ibarra still got the crowd hyped up and jumping at Apple Union Square in the middle of the afternoon. With a focus on her highly acclaimed album, Circa 91, Ruby performed a set including "Background," "Someday," with Charito Soriano of Astralogik, "Playbill$," and "Us."  As... Continue Reading →

RSVP: Q&A with Ruby Ibarra at Apple

So thrilled to moderate a Q&A for my sis RUBY IBARRA this Saturday, July 7th, at Apple Union Square in downtown San Francisco, right before she performs a set from the amazing CIRCA 91 album. Join us! Saturday, July 7, 2018 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Apple Union Square 300 Post Street. San Francisco, CA... Continue Reading →

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